ET-SZ6 Automatic voltage regulator, OLCT Controller voltage regulating control relay

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ET-SZ6 Automatic voltage regulator,voltage regulating control relay


ET-SZ6 transformer on-load voltage regulation and control device (ET-SZ6 for short)is suitable for manual and automatic control of transformer on-load voltage regulation.2 controllers can be used in parallel. ET-SZ6 has the functions of position andoperation times display. It can also convert the position into telemetry signal(0.2V/step or 4-20mA) and send it to the telemetry input port of RTU or through RS- 485 (or RS-232) serial interface for remote transmission, as well as input through RS- 485 (or RS-232) serial port to communicate with computer, controlling the on-loadtap-changer to 1-N, N-1 and stop.

ET-SZ6 can also realize local manual operation of “1-N”, “N-1 and “Stop”, which isachieved by the buttons on the front panel. 

ET-SZ6 can be used in parallel with the serial port of other OLTC controllers with thesame communication protocol. In this case, it is identified by address. Besides, it can also be connected to multiple controllers in parallel at the same time without mutualinterference.


a) It is applicable to 10kV, 35kV, 110kV and 220kV transformers 

b) The interface adopts large screen LCD display 
c) Manual, automatic and remote control 
d) “1-N”, “N-1” and “Stop” output relays are passive contacts 
e) It can be used in a single machine or two controllers in parallel
f) Position display and operation times display
g) Analog output 4 - 20mA 
h) The tap-changer value output adopts BCD code 
i) With RS-485 or RS-232 serial communication function 
j) The serial port communication protocol adopts IEC 870-5-101 protocol 
k) Sensitivity is continuously adjustable
l) Sampling voltage 80V to 450V continuously adjustable


a) Auxiliary power supply:  AC220V to 240V, 50Hz
 b) Input mode: remote signal input, BCD code input, decimal line code input 
 c) Input range: 1 to 35 positions
 d) Control mode: automatic, short-range and remotee) 
e) Parallel unit: 6 units 
f) Operation delay time: 10s to 199s adjustable, step size: 1s
g) Signal voltage range: AC80 to 450V 
h) Sensitivity: 
1. 00% to 9. 99% adjustable, step size: 0. 01%
i) Working temperature: - 20 ℃ to 40 ℃
j) Working humidity: less than 90% at 20 ℃
k) Overall dimension: 220×102×250mm³
l) Telemetry output: current: 4 - 20mA
m) Remote signal output: BCD passive contact output (contact capacityAC220V/5A)
n) Control output: passive contact 250V/5A
o) Weight: 
p) Display mode: 
q) Position display range:
1 - 35 positions 
r) Operation times range: 
0 - 99999 times
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